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Regeneration Theatre @ 13th Street Rep

00 Small Craft Warnings - 11x17 200dpi.j

"Few directors allow Williams to meander into his shockingly inevitable endings, which are also beginnings. So it was with pleasure that in this production I glimpsed a mature exploration..."

- Susan Weinstein, Not Another Book Review

"Co-Directors Edwards and Marcus Gualberto have the actors moving, and on such a small stage it is remarkable how they keep us in touch and interested throughout this performance. In seeing As Is this winter, Regeneration just gets stronger by the show."

- Robert Massimi, New Jersey Sun News

"It almost feels like looking at a snapshot of real-life humans and their individual stories, rather than written personalities forced into a broader scenario by their creator, and the fact that this play preserves that individuality of the characters is a big part of what makes it worth watching."

- Anthony J. Piccione, On Stage Blog

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