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Regeneration Theatre @ Workshop Theater

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"This is one of those examples – this Regeneration Theatre production – where it was such a pleasant surprise. You’d go to a very small production by a company that you’ve not necessarily heard of before....


And sometimes you can go to a very very modest Off Off-Broadway production like this – very very brilliantly directed by Marcus Gualberto – and find just really excellent, excellent acting…"

- Michael Portantiere, Broadway Radio’s Broadway for Sunday

“The directing was excellent in this show. I found Marcus Gualberto's direction to be spot on... Gualberto navigates us through this play with great ease and wonderment. He uses the really great economical stage to put forth a terrific show.


The play, although poignant, has its funny moments that breakup the tension... I recommend this play, it is a hidden gem, good acting, excellent direction and very entertaining."

- Robert Massimi, New Jersey Sun News

"The production is staged beautifully by director Marcus Gualberto..."

- Anthony J. Piccione, On Stage Blog

"Marcus Gualberto made this material fresh in a time where health care, as a human right, is questioned along with compassion for the sick... I was greatly moved by the kindness and accuracy of this production."

- Susan Weinstein, Not Another Book Review

"Director Marcus Gualberto keeps things moving apace in a very small performance space, and allows the actors to navigate the overlapping dialogue and the emotional landscape without overmuch fuss and fugue, guiding everyone gently toward the poignancy of the ending without veering into melodrama."

- Daniel Palumbo, Drama Queens Review

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