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Playroom Theatre

"Directed with sly humor by Marcus Gualberto."

- Susan Weinstein, Not Another Book Review

"Director Marcus Gualberto does a fine job with the rapidly moving exchanges, especially given the confined space."

- The Unforgettable Line

"Marcus Gualberto manages to identify all the nuances in Richard Curtis’ terrific script and to accentuate the symbolism in the play both artistically and coherently."

- David Christner, Playwright

“The small space is used eloquently with a large table being the centerpiece and quiet corners for the asides. There isn’t much space, but Marcus Gualberto doesn’t let the cramped stage get in the way of maintaining energy and movement required for the play. Even with as many as eight actors on stage, it never feels cluttered. And the players always have space to play.


The best thing about their performances? They are having fun up in that stage! They are enjoying every second, and it is always a joy to see actors engaged in their performances with such zeal.

- Kenneth Laboy, Theater that Matters

“We found ourselves laughing out loud with the rest of the audience on more than one occasion... Worth navigating the hustle and bustle of Times Square in order to see it — and considering how much I’d prefer to avoid that mess, I can’t think of a more positive endorsement." 

- Andrew Andrews,

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