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The Wild Project

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original and thought-provoking play…

a skillfully crafted drama about gay adults.


DENY WE WERE is a refreshing take on an important aspect of LGBTQ+ culture.”

- Jan Ewing, Pup's Books

"a provocative new work…

Being almost continuously on stage, Robert Maisonett and JJ Bozeman deserve a particular shout-out: It is indeed an artistic challenge for an adult actor to convincingly play an angsty teenager; likewise for any actor to portray a character with a seemingly bulletproof moral compass. 


DENY WE WERE honors its promise of payback to the audience for our emotional investment, thanks to Joe Moe’s script and the hard-working performances of the four actors."

- Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark

"a smart and moving play, by a much-needed voice in the theater...


Manages to take timeless issues about love, family, friendship, desire, identity, and weaves them into a bittersweet story about the ways in which unconventional relationships can enrich us when we're open to them, and hold us back when confronted by convention."

- Martin Aguilera, Screenwriter

FEATURE: "Marcus in Charge!"

- Jen Bush, Words4Culture

"Wildly entertaining and thought provoking...

DENY WE WERE is a mordantly funny and moving meditation on unconventional love;

how it binds and breaks us and how it puts us back together again."

- Adam Robitel, Writer/Director

"In DENY WE WERE, playwright Joe Moe has crafted a saga of family dynamics, sexual power shifting, manipulative truth-withholding, and ultimately insightful character revelation that never ceases to engage, enrage, and enthrall."

- Elise Dewsberry, Artistic Director - New Musicals Inc.

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